We are pioneers in the manufacture of hot rolled sections for various agricultural implements such as Sickles & Coffee Choppers. Sickles are used for harvesting as well as weeding or grass cutting operation & have conventionally been manufactured by the village smiths.

The sickles made from specially produced tapered profile sections have distinct edge over the conventionally hand made sickles, as can be seen from following comparison.

Conventional hand Made sickles Sickles made from Profile sections
Quality of steel is not guaranteed as these are made from scrap, which does not give consistency in heat treatment. Hence final quality is not guaranteed. Special grade of medium carbon steel is used to make profile sections, which gives consistency in heat treatment and hence final quality can be guaranteed. The hot rolled section has sharp tapered cross-section, so no need to forge, but can be made by simple press working and bending.
Hand forged sickles are imbalanced due to non-uniformity of section, leading to non-uniform moment of inertia. This results into uneven wear on the sickle blade. Also causes more fatigue to the user. Due to uniformity of taper section, the sickle blade has uniform moment of inertia, which reduces the fatigue to the user. The wear to the blade is uniform along the edge.
The sickle blade needs rfe-sharpening very frequently. Due to the taper section, the sickle blade is self-sharpening.
Hand forged sickles can not be made on mass production scale to cater to the huge market demand. Sickles from hot rolled tapered profile sections can be produced on a mass production basis. This helps in keeping low cost of production while maintaining high level of consistency in quality, thereby providing high ‘value for money’ to the user.

Similarly the coffee chopper (tool used for cutting coffee plants) produced from a hot rolled section also offer the same advantages to its users.

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