• Door Hinges
  • Pole Shoes
  • Lock Rings / Flanges / Side Rings / Advance Bands
  • Flywheel Ring Gears
  • Serrated Angles
  • Special T

We have an expertise in manufacturing hot rolled steel sections for various automotive applications such as:

  • Door hinges for cars,
  • Pole shoe sections for starter motors & dynamos,
  • Rectangular & trapezoidal sections for flywheel ring gears / starter ring gears, sections for lock rings / side rings / flanges / advance bands for wheel rims of trucks, buses & forklifts,
  • Serrated angles for steps of buses & trains,
  • Special T sections for pass-way interconnection of buses,

And many others as per customer specifications and drawings.

We take pride in saying that we are the prime movers of all automobiles manufactured in India since we supply the basic hot rolled sections to all the starter motor & flywheel ring gear manufacturers.

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