• Ornamental Grills
  • Hand Railings
  • Gratings
  • T for joining chequered plate
  • Serrated T's
  • Chamfers
  • Half Ovals

We manufacture hot rolled sections for various architectural applications such as ornamental grills, hand railings, gratings, T sections for joining chequered plates, serrated Ts for staircases etc.

Use of such sections for grills, railings & gratings provide an edge over the conventional flats or squares that are used for fabricating these items. Certain Standard shapes and sizes are in our regular production range, but we can also manufacture and supply any other sections as per your drawings.

The pre-cast structures used in construction industry, are made off site by using suitable molds. We manufacture two types of hot rolled sections for use inĀ  pre-cast molds. One of the sections is an isosceles triangle that is available in different sizes and is called as chamfer. These chamfers are fitted into the corners of the molds of the pre-cast structures so as to obtain a chamfered edge along the length of the pre-cast column or beam. On account of such chamfered edges (no corner), corner breakage does not arise.

The standard sizes of chamfers (triangles) being supplied by us are 10x10, 12x12, 15x15 and 20x20 mm, but the same can be supplied in other sizes and specifications .

Another section that is used in the pre-cast molds and is manufactured by us is called as a half oval section. This section is used to obtain flutes on decorative pillars, is available in required dimensions.

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