Grouser Bars / Lug Bars for rebuilding track shoes

Dozers and Excavators have tracked chains for moving in all kinds of difficult terrains.

The  track chains or grouser chains are made of number of track shoes or plates or grouser shoes or plates that form part of the undercarriage , which get worn out during use. The chains have a discard life ranging from 2000 to 4000 hours of operation. The complete replacement of these chains is a very costly and  hence the chains are  re-furbished which  consists of  rebuilding the grouser tip and the mounting holes. The re-furbished track chain provide at-least 50% life of the new one at  extremely low cost.

We can also supply  profile section called  grouser bar profile  which match the original worn out grousers and  45-degree chamfer is provided at the bottom to facilitate proper welding on the worn out grouser.

We can supply grouser bars in various cross sections suitable for various dozer  and excavator in 3 to 5.8 meter lengths.

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