The Profiles division has a state of the art manufacturing facility for producing 6000 MT per annum of intricate custom-made hot rolled solid steel sections with close dimensional tolerances. The profiles plant, which is the only plant of its kind in India, consists of a world class profile hot rolling mill and a in-house tool manufacturing facility.

The uniqueness of this latest technology lies in the fact that the profiles are rolled from wire rods that are continuously heated on-line with electrical resistance heaters, unlike from billets that are heated in fuel fired furnaces in conventional rolling mills.

Advantages Over Conventional Rolling

Such an arrangement of continuous heating & rolling has following advantages over conventional rolling:

  • Reduced scaling on account of electrical heating.
  • Better dimensional tolerances due to reduced scaling.
  • Consistency in dimensions due to continuous rolling.
  • Reduced material wastage on account of better tolerances.
  • Reduced cost of machining operations and saving in time.

Profile Process

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TheĀ  custom-made solid profiles/sections in various grades of steel are manufactured through a state of the art technology by hot rolling process. The profiles sections are rolled from wire rods, which are electrically heated on continuous line, unlike conventional billet rolling. The profile sections rolled by us have superiority over the sections conventionally rolled from billets for dimensional tolerances and surface quality.

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