Tamed horses have traditionally metallic shoes to protect their hoofs from injury due to exposure to hard rocky terrains or the modern roads.

Conventionally, horse shoes are manufactured by village smiths by hand forging of steel bars. This process of manufacturing horse shoes is very tedious and left to the skill of the smith.

In today's modern day life where horses are used more for races than for transportation, the shoe changing is very frequent and the requirement is very large. It is therefore difficult for the village smiths to cater to such a huge demand and this leads to the development of a modern process for manufacturing of horseshoes on a mass production basis. To cater to the requirements of such modern horseshoe manufacturers, the profiles division have developed hot rolled sections of various shapes and sizes that are suitable for manufacturing horseshoes suitable for various terrains, geographic locations, climatic conditions and nature of work of the horses.

These hot rolled sections for horseshoes can be supplied in bar length varying from 3 to 5 meters, as per your specifications and section drawings.

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